We Are Infinite

Your life changes with every passing moment.
Every step you take is also a decision – a choice that moves you toward one future or another.

What if you had gone the other way?

Steps become journeys, and with every
alternative direction, an alternative future begins.
How many steps will you take throughout your lifetime?

From a simple shrug of your shoulders to the greatest leap of faith,
your journey continues with endless possibilities.
You are, in every moment, an infinite individual.

Bring Jobs Back To America


It's about more than just bringing jobs back to the USA.

It's about a philosophy of American greatness that started this country. It's about reviving Pride in products, pride in design, and pride in manufacturing.

We've lost it, as a country, as people, and potentially even as a culture. It's not gone yet and every individual has the power to make a difference. There are individuals and companies recognizing its significance and you are a large puzzle piece in that system. You, reading this right now have the ability to revive that great culture.

Recognize it, Use it, and accept a great infinite change. 

Bring Nature Back To People


Why is nature important? ....... Why isn't it?

It's where we started, it's where beauty lies, and it's where we all need to be more. We're working with environmental centers to get kids and adults back outside. Fresh air, changing environments, and nature-inspired thought are all key to a healthy lifestyle.

WOODCHUCK believes in the power of the outdoors and experiencing life to the fullest. Get outside and appreciate nature's beauty. You'll live life on an entirely different level. We use natural, sustainable, and beautiful products that bring the outdoors back to your electronics. It's not the end solution. It's the first step in re-igniting the human bond with nature.

The quality of life when nature is involved and appreciated is again... infinite. 

Bring Quality Products Back To Consumers


It's clear that markets have been flooded with chinese manufactured goods. Bottom dollar wins in the majority of markets and quality is the last checkbox on anyone's list.

It's time to change that.

There are already some great people and companies doing some great things to bring quality back. There needs to be more. Many more. There also needs to come an understanding of what goes into quality products. 

Jobs, time, craftsmanship, authenticity, and genuine care are all predecessors of quality. It's about enlightening people on the process, and understanding the impacts of our decisions when purchasing. When purchasing products, you have the ability to vote for quality and the process behind it. It is a conscious choice you make... a choice that can lead to infinite change...