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WOODCHUCK Weekly: The Value of Corporate Gifting

March 19, 2014

#WOODCHUCKmovement It is not just something we say we do, it is what we live by; our motto, our mantra.  WOODCHUCK brings nature back to you, jobs back to America, and now WOODCHUCK has established a brand new movement.  A movement that naturally brings life to your company.  Corporate gifting is serious business, and we don't take it lightly.  Why is corporate gifting so important?  Here are our three reasons: 1. Prove your appreciation for your clients for who they are and what they've done for you.  Establish that undeniable loyalty. 2. You need them.  Remind them that.  Keep your company at the forefront of their mind, and never let them forget who you are. 3. Make a lasting impression....

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WOODCHUCK Weekly: The power of preservation

March 04, 2014

There are 7.046 billion people on this planet all making an impact on our environment. We at WOODCHUCK strive each and every day to inspire those around us to live more sustainable lives.

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